Mighty Crayon

  1. What we do

    We take used crayons from schools and Restaurants and donate them to underprivileged communities in need.

  2. Our commitment

    Mighty Crayon is commited to help kids learn and grow through educative creative mediums.

Our Statistics

  1. Crayons Donated


  2. Lives Impacted


  3. U.S. States Reached

    6: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Alabama

  4. Countries Reached

    3: India, Uganda, USA

  5. Our Mission & Goals

    1. Mission

      Our mission is to encourage enjoyable and empowering experiences for children around the world through the use of recycled creative mediums. By recycling used crayons, we're not only helping to reduce wastefulness, but we're also giving children in need the opportunity to have some fun and be creative.

    2. 2023 Roadmap

      - 100,000 Crayons
      - 10,000 Lives Impacted
      - 25,000 Hours of Reduced Screen Time
      - 50,000 lbs of Waste Reduction

    3. Our Impact

      Our impact is measured by the number of crayons we donate, the number of lives we impact, and the number of hours of reduced screen time we provide. We also measure our impact by the amount of waste we reduce.